Roberts IN, Caputo C, Criado MV, Funk C
Senescence-associated proteases in plants
Physiol Plant. 2012 May;145(1):130-9

Senescence is the final developmental stage of every plant organ, which leads to cell death. It is a highly regulated process, involving differential gene expression and outstanding increment in the rate of protein degradation. Senescence-associated proteolysis enables the remobilization of nutrients, such as nitrogen (N), from senescent tissues to developing organs or seeds. In addition to the nutrient recycling function, senescence-associated proteases are also involved in the regulation of the senescence process. Nearly, all protease families have been associated with some aspects of plant senescence, and numerous reports addressing the new identification of senescence-associated proteases are published every year. Here, we provide an updated report with the most recent information published in the field, focusing on senescence-associated proteases presumably involved in N remobilization.

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