Ståldal V, Cierlik I, Chen S, Landberg K, Baylis T, Myrenås M, Sundström JF, Eklund DM, Ljung K, Sundberg E
The Arabidopsis thaliana transcriptional activator STYLISH1 regulates genes affecting stamen development, cell expansion and timing of flowering
Plant Molecular Biology 2012, 78(6):545-559

SHORT-INTERNODES/STYLISH (SHI/STY)-family proteins redundantly regulate development of lateral organs in Arabidopsis thaliana. We have previously shown that STY1 interacts with the promoter of the auxin biosynthesis gene YUCCA (YUC)4 and activates transcription of the genes YUC4, YUC8 and OCTADECANOID-RESPONSIVE ARABIDOPSIS AP2/ERF (ORA)59 independently of protein translation. STY1 also affects auxin levels and auxin biosynthesis rates. Here we show that STY1 induces the transcription of 16 additional genes independently of protein translation. Several of these genes are tightly co-expressed with SHI/STY-family genes and/or down-regulated in SHI/STY-family multiple mutant lines, suggesting them to be regulated by SHI/STY proteins during plant development. The majority of the identified genes encode transcription factors or cell expansion-related enzymes and functional studies suggest their involvement in stamen and leaf development or flowering time regulation.

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