Jänkänpää HJ, Jansson S
How to grow transgenic Arabidopsis in the field
Methods Mol Biol. 2012;847:483-94


Arabidopsis is naturally adapted to habitats in which both biotic variables (e.g., light, wind, and humidity) and abiotic variables (e.g., competition, herbivory, and pathogen densities) strongly fluctuate. Hence, conditions in controlled growth chambers (in which Arabidopsis is typically grown for scientific experiments) differ substantially from those in natural environments. In order to mimic more closely natural conditions, we grow Arabidopsis outdoors under "semi-natural" field conditions. Performing experiments on transgenic Arabidopsis grown in the field that are sufficiently reliable for publication is challenging. In this chapter, we present some of our experiences based on 10 years of field experimentation, which may be of use to researchers seeking to perform field experiments using transgenic Arabidopsis.

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