Shi L, Hall M, Funk C, Schröder WP
Photosystem II, a growing complex: Updates on newly discovered components and low molecular mass proteins
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Bioenergetics: 1817 (2012), pp. 13-25

Photosystem II is a unique complex capable of absorbing light and splitting water. The complex has been thoroughly studied and to date there are more than 40 proteins identified, which bind to the complex either stably or transiently. Another special feature of this complex is the unusually high content of low molecular mass proteins that represent more than half of the proteins. In this review we summarize the recent findings on the low molecular mass proteins (<15 kDa) and present an overview of the newly identified components as well. We have also performed co-expression analysis of the genes encoding PSII proteins to see if the low molecular mass proteins form a specific sub-group within the Photosystem II complex. Interestingly we found that the chloroplast-localized genes encoding PSII proteins display a different response to environmental and stress conditions compared to the nuclear localized genes.

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