Shitov AV, Zharmukhamedov SK, Shutova TV, Allakhverdiev SI, Samuelsson G, Klimov VV
A carbonic anhydrase inhibitor induces bicarbonate-reversible suppression of electron transfer in pea photosystem 2 membrane fragments
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology: 2011 104:366-371

The effects of suppression of the carbonic anhydrase (CA) activity by a CA-inhibitor, acetazolamide (AA), on the photosynthetic activities of photosystem II (PS II) particles from higher plants were investigated. AA along with CA-activity inhibits the PS II photosynthetic electron transfer and the AA-induced suppression is totally reversed by the addition of bicarbonate (3–5 mM). Similar effect of recovery in the PS II photosynthetic activity was also revealed upon the addition of known artificial electron donors (potassium ferrocyanide and TMPD). Significance and possible functions of CA for the PS II donor side are discussed.

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