Keerberg O, Ivanova H, Keerberg H, Pärnik T, Talts P, Gardeström P
Quantitative analysis of photosynthetic carbon metabolism in protoplasts and intact leaves of barley. Determination of carbon fluxes and pool sizes of metabolites in different cellular compartments
Biosystems: 2010 103:291-301

Rates of carbon fluxes and pool sizes of photosynthetic metabolites in different cellular compartments of barley protoplasts were calculated from the time curves of their labeling in the medium of 14CO2. Using membrane filtration procedure, kinetics of 14C incorporation into the products of steady-state photosynthesis was determined separately in chloroplasts, mitochondria and cytosol of barley protoplasts illuminated for different periods in the air containing 14CO2. To extract the quantitative information, analytical labeling functions P(t) describing the dependence of 14C content in the primary, intermediate and end products of a linear reaction chain upon the duration of tracer feeding have been derived. The parameters of these functions represent pool sizes of metabolites and rates of carbon fluxes. The values of these parameters were determined by fitting the experimental labeling curves to the functions P(t) by means of non-linear regression procedure. To elucidate the possible effects of fractionation on the photosynthetic carbon metabolism, the parameters of protoplasts were compared with corresponding values in intact leaves of barley.

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