Hoffman DE, Jonsson P, Bylesjö M, Trygg J, Antti H, Eriksson ME, Moritz T
Changes in diurnal patterns within the Populus transcriptome and metabolome in response to photoperiod variation
Plant, Cell & Environment: 2010 33:1298-1313

Changes in seasonal photoperiod provides an important environmental signal that affects the timing of winter dormancy in perennial, deciduous, temperate tree species, such as hybrid aspen (Populus tremula x Populus tremuloides). In the study reported here, microarray and metabolite profiling analyses were combined to examine diurnal rhythms in both the transcriptome and metabolome in hybrid aspen, and changes in them following a switch from long day (LD) to short day (SD) conditions. Taken together, we have thus established a molecular catalog of events that precede a response to winter.

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