Gorzsas A, Andersson I, Pettersson L
Speciation in aqueous vanadate-ligand and peroxovanadate-ligand systems
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry: 2009 103:517-526

In the present focused review, the speciation studies of aqueous vanadate–ligand (L) and peroxovanadate–L systems are addressed. The paper focuses solely on the systems studied at our department in the context of potential insulin-enhancing effects, including the following ligands: imidazole, alanylhistidine, alanylserine, lactate, picolinate, citrate, phosphate, maltol, and uridine. We summarise the results of detailed and thorough potentiometric (glass electrode) and 51V NMR (Bruker AMX-500 MHz) spectroscopic studies, performed at 25 °C in 0.150 M Na(Cl), a medium representing human blood. The importance of experimental conditions is discussed and illustrated. A detailed overview of our methodology, based on combining potentiometric and 51V integral and chemical shift data by means of the computer program LAKE, is also given. We list the important steps of equilibrium analysis and the kinds of information available from different sets of NMR spectra. The ligand picolinate is chosen to exemplify our working method, but conclusions are drawn from all systems, reviewing trends and common features. An overview of all systems is given in two tables, including e.g. types and number of species formed. Previously unpublished modelling results at physiological conditions are also shown for all peroxovanadate–ligand systems.

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