Pyhajarvi T, Garcia-Gil MR, Knurr T, Mikkonen M, Wachowiak W, Savolainen O
Demographic history has influenced nucleotide diversity in European Pinus sylvestris populations
Genetics: 2007 177:1713-1724

To infer the role of natural selection in shaping standing genetic diversity, it is necessary to assess the genomewide impact of demographic history on nucleotide diversity. In this study we analyzed sequence diversity of 16 nuclear loci in eight Pinus sylvestris populations. Populations were divided into four geographical groups on the basis of their current location and the geographical history of the region: northern Europe, central Europe, Spain, and Turkey. There were no among-group differences in the level of silent nucleotide diversity, which was ~0.005/bp in all groups. There was some evidence that linkage disequilibrium extended further in northern Europe than in central Europe: the estimates of the population recombination rate parameter, {rho}, were 0.0064 and 0.0294, respectively. The summary statistics of nucleotide diversity in central and northern European populations were compatible with an ancient bottleneck rather than the standard neutral model.

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