Lee H, Bae E-K, Park S-Y, Sjödin A, Lee J-S, Noh E-W, Jansson S
Growth-phase-dependent gene expression profiling of poplar (Populus alba x Populus tremula var. glandulosa) suspension cells
Physiologia Plantarum: 2007 131:599-613

Complex sequences of morphological and biochemical changes occur during the developmental course of a batch plant cell culture. However, little information is available about the changes in gene expression that could explain these changes, because of the difficulties involved in isolating specific cellular events or developmental phases in the overlapping phases of cell growth. In an attempt to obtain such information we have examined the global growth phase-dependent gene expression of poplar cells in suspension cultures by cDNA microarray analysis. Our results reveal that significant changes occur in the expression of genes with functions related to protein synthesis, cell cycling, hormonal responses and cell wall biosynthesis, as cultures progress from initiation to senescence, that are highly correlated with observed developmental and physiological changes in the cells. Genes encoding protein kinases, calmodulin and proteins involved in both ascorbate metabolism and water-limited stress responses also showed strong stage-specific expression patterns. Our report provides fundamental information on molecular mechanisms that control cellular changes throughout the developmental course of poplar cell cultures.

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