Hedman E, Widen C, Asadi A, Schröder WP, Gustavsson JÅ, Wikström AC
Proteomics identification of glucocorticoid receptor interacting proteins
Proteomics: 2006 6:3114-3126

The glucocorticoid receptor (GR) acts as a ligand dependent transcription factor but can also cross talk with other signaling pathways via protein-protein interactions. In this paper we describe methods to study novel cytosolic GR interacting proteins, using mAb based immunoaffinity chromatography of GR from rat liver cytosol. Co-purifying proteins were identified by 2-DE in combination with MALDI-TOF-MS. Non-liganded/non-activated and in vitro liganded/activated GR, respectively, co-purifies with specific sets of proteins. Of these 34 were conclusively identified, seven have previously been reported to be part of the GR-complex, revealing 27 new possible interacting candidates for the GR-complex. Of the novel GR interacting proteins the major vault protein , TATA binding interacting protein 49a and glycoprotein PP63 were of special interest. Furthermore, using 2-D DIGE we show that the set of proteins interacting with non-liganded GR is distinctly different in protein amount compared to the proteins found with liganded/activated GR. This suggests the presence of different GR complexes in the cell, which was further substantiated by the finding of several separate GR native protein complexes, GR-receptosomes, using blue native gel electrophoresis. Our findings suggest the existence of several new mechanisms for GR signaling and regulation.

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