Bylesjo M, Sjodin A, Eriksson D, Antti H, Moritz T, Jansson S, Trygg J
MASQOT-GUI: spot quality assessment for the two-channel microarray platform
Bioinformatics: 2006 22:2554-2555

MASQOT-GUI provides an open-source, platform-independentsoftware pipeline for two-channel microarray spot quality control.This includes gridding, segmentation, quantification, qualityassessment and data visualization. It hosts a set of independentapplications, with interactions between the tools as well asimport and export support for external software. The implementationof automated multivariate quality control assessment, whichis a unique feature of MASQOT-GUI, is based on the previouslydocumented and evaluated MASQOT methodology. Further abilitiesof the application are outlined and illustrated.

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