Unneberg P, Strömberg M, Lundeberg J, Jansson S, Sterky F
Analysis of 70,000 EST sequences to study divergence between two closely related Populus species
Tree Genetics & Genomes: 2005 1:109-115

The Populus genus has evolved as the model organism for forest tree genomics, which has been further emphasised with the sequencing of the Populus trichocarpa genome. Populus species are widely spread over the Northern Hemisphere and provide a great source of genetic diversity, which can be used for mapping of quantitative trait loci, positional cloning, association mapping and studies in environmental adaptation. Collections of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) are rich sources in studies of genetic diversity. Here, we report on an in-depth analysis of 70,000 ESTs from two Populus species, Populus tremula and Populus trichocarpa. We present data on the level of conservation in transcript sequences and supply a collection of potential single nucleotide polymorphisms.

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