Ihalainen JA, Klimmek F, Ganeteg U, van Stokkum IHM, van Grondelle R, Jansson S, Dekker JP
Excitation energy trapping in photosystem I complexes depleted in Lhca1 and Lhca4
FEBS Lett: 2005 579:4787-4791
We report a time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy characterization of photosystem I (PSI) particles prepared from Arabidopsis lines with knock-out mutations against the peripheral antenna proteins of Lhca1 or Lhca4. The first mutant retains Lhca2 and Lhca3 while the second retains one other light-harvesting protein of photosystem I (Lhca) protein, probably Lhca5. The results indicate that Lhca2/3 and Lhca1/4 each provides about equally effective energy transfer routes to the PSI core complex, and that Lhca5 provides a less effective energy transfer route. We suggest that the specific location of each Lhca protein within the PSI-LHCI supercomplex is more important than the presence of so-called red chlorophylls in the Lhca proteins.
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