Leul M, Mohapatra A, Sellstedt A
Biodiversity of hydrogenases in Frankia
Curr Microbiol: 2005 50:17-23
Eighteen Frankia strains originally isolated from nine different host plants were used to study the biodiversity of hydrogenase in Frankia. In the physiological analysis, the activities of uptake hydrogenase and bidirectional hydrogenase were performed by monitoring the oxidation of hydrogen after supplying the cells with 1% hydrogen and the evolution of hydrogen using methyl viologen as an electron donor, respectively. These analyses were supported with a study of the immunological relationship between Frankia hydrogenase and other different known hydrogenases from other microorganisms. Uptake hydrogenase activity was recorded from all the Frankia strains investigated. A methyl-viologen-mediated hydrogen evolution was recorded from only four Frankia strains irrespective of the source of Frankia. From the immunological and physiological studies, we here report that there are at least three types of hydrogenases in Frankia: Ni-Fe uptake hydrogenase, hydrogen-evolving hydrogenase, and [Fe]-hydrogenase. An immunogold localization study, by cryosection technique, of the effect of nickel on the intercellular distribution of hydrogenase proteins in Frankia indicated that nickel affects the transfer of hydrogenase proteins into the membrane.
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