Ericsson T, Fries A
Genetic analysis of fibre size in a full-sib Pinus sylvestris L. progeny test
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research: 2004 19:7-13
Fibre length, fibre width, tree height and stem diameter in 25-yr-old Scots pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) were investigated by genetic analysis. The analysis was carried out on nearly 400 trees for all traits simultaneously using multiple-trait, individual tree equations with simultaneous variance estimation. Narrow-sense heritabilities were estimated at about 0.3 for all traits except for stem diameter, which was lower (0.17). Low genetic coefficients of variation for fibre length may be partially explained by the sampling method, which was 5 mm increment boring resulting in fibre fragmentation, but the method served well for heritability and correlation analysis. The additive genetic correlation was strongly negative between fibre length and stem diameter, and strongly positive between fibre width and growth traits. The pair of fibre traits showed mutually strong negative additive-genetic but weak positive environmental correlation. The pair of growth traits showed no genetic but strong positive environmental correlation. Other correlation estimates were minor and uncertain, with the exception of a weak negative environmental correlation between fibre length and stem diameter. An additional approach, where stem diameter was regarded as a covariate, revealed positive environmental correlation between fibre length and tree height and negative environmental correlation between fibre width and tree height.
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