Kang KS, Lai HL, Lindgren D
Using single family in reforestation: Gene diversity concerns
Silvae Genetica: 2002 51:65-72
Formulae for gene diversity measured by status number (group coancestry) for seeds collected from a single clone in a clonal seed orchard were derived. The formulae considered: number of seeds collected, ratio of seeds from selling, fertility variation of pollen parents, relatedness among pollen parents and amount of pollination by alien fathers from outside the seed orchard (pollen contamination). The results showed that the status number of seeds collected from a single clone generally varied between 2 and 4 in most cases. Typically it was close to 4, thus close to that of an "ideal" half-sib family. Relatedness among pollen parents and selfing decreased status number and gene diversity while pollen contamination increased it. Effect of the level of pollen contamination and fertility variation among pollen parents on gene diversity of crops from the same seed parent was usually small. High degree of relatedness and selfing can be important. If there were few pollen parents, the gene diversity depended greatly on relatedness, selfing and fertility variation. However, if there were many pollen parents (about 10 or more), these factors were not important. The influence of the number of pollen parents was discussed.
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