Bellec Y, Harrar Y, Butaeye C, Darnet S, Bellini C, Faure JD
Pasticcino2 is a protein tyrosine phosphatase-like involved in cell proliferation and differentiation in Arabidopsis
Plant Journal: 2002 32:713-722
The pasticcino2 (pas2) mutant shows impaired embryo and seedling development associated with cell dedifferentiation and proliferation. This process is specifically enhanced in presence of cytokinins leading to callus-like structure of the apical part of the seedling. Cell proliferation concerns localized and stochastic nodules of dividing cells. In absence of cytokinins, cell proliferation leads to small calli on stems but, most often, cell proliferation is associated with post-genital organ fusion. The PAS2 gene was identified by positional cloning. PAS2 expression was found in every plant organ and was not regulated by PAS1 and PAS3 genes. PAS2 encodes the Arabidopsis member of the protein tyrosine phosphatase-like (Ptpl) family, a new PTP family originally described in mice and humans and characterized by a mutated PTP active site. This family of proteins has a yeast homolog that is essential for cell viability. The absence of yeast PAS2 homolog can be functionally replaced by the Arabidopsis PAS2 protein, demonstrating that PAS2 function is conserved between higher and lower eukaryotes.
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