Camilleri C, Azimzadeh J, Pastuglia M, Bellini C, Grandjean O, Bouchez D
The Arabidopsis TONNEAU2 gene encodes a putative novel protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit essential for the control of the cortical cytoskeleton
Plant Cell: 2002 14:833-845
In Arabidopsis ton2 mutants, abnormalities of the cortical microtubular cytoskeleton, such as disorganization of the interphase microtubule array and lack of the preprophase band before mitosis, markedly affect cell shape and arrangement as well as overall plant morphology. We present the molecular isolation of the TON2 gene, which is highly conserved in higher plants and has a vertebrate homolog of unknown function. It encodes a protein similar in its C-terminal part to B" regulatory subunits of type 2A protein phosphatases (PP2As). We show that the TON2 protein interacts with an Arabidopsis type A subunit of PP2A in the yeast two-hybrid system and thus likely defines a novel subclass of PP2A subunits that are possibly involved in the control of cytoskeletal structures in plants.