Sandstrom S, Ivanov AG, Park YI, Oquist G, Gustafsson P
Iron stress responses in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp PCC7942
Physiologia Plantarum: 2002 116:255-263
In the present study, we describe the sequential events by which the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7942 adapts to iron deficiency. In doing so, we have tried to elucidate both short and long-term acclimation to low iron stress in order to understand how the photosynthetic apparatus adjusts to low iron conditions. Our results show that after an initial step, where CP43' is induced and where ferredoxin is partly replaced by flavodoxin, the photosynthetic unit starts to undergo major rearrangements. All measured components of Photosystem I (PSI), PSII and cytochrome (Cyt) i decrease relative to chlorophyll (Chl) a . The photochemical efficiencies of the two photosystems also decline during this phase of acclimation. The well-known drop in phycobilisome content measured as phycocyanin (PC)/Chl was not due to an increased degradation, but rather to a decreased rate of synthesis. The largest effects of iron deficiency were observed on PSI, the most iron-rich structure of the photosynthetic apparatus. In the light of the recent discovery of an iron deficiency induced CP43' ring around PSI a possible dual function of this protein as both an antenna and a quencher is discussed. We also describe the time course of a blue shift in the low temperature Chl emission peak around 715 nm, which originates in PSI. The shift might reflect the disassembly and/or degradation of PSI during iron deficiency and, as a consequence, PSI might under these conditions be found predominantly in a monomeric form. We suggest that the observed functional and compositional alterations represent cellular acclimation enabling growth and development under iron deficiency, and that growth ceases when the acclimation capacity is exhausted. However, the cells remain viable even after growth has ceased, since they resumed growth once iron was added back to the culture.
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