Tavares F, Sellstedt A
DNase-resistant DNA in the extracellular and cell wall-associated fractions of Frankia strains R43 and CcI3
Curr Microbiol: 2001 42:168-172
DNases were shown to be present in the extracellular fraction of Frankia strains R43 and CcI3. In spite of this, DNA was found in both the extracellular and cell wall fractions of these strains, and it was shown that extracellular DNA was resistant to the DNases secreted into the culture medium of both Frankia strains. Furthermore, Southern blot analysis under high stringency conditions revealed the chromosomal origin of the cell wall-adsorbed DNA (CW-DNA). Mobility gel band shift assays suggested that the extracellular DNA and the CW-DNA are engaged in complexes with other molecules, most likely proteins, which are probably responsible for the enzymatic resistance observed against extracellular DNase activities. In addition, it was shown that lysis of a small proportion of the cells in the exponential growth phase may account for the DNA being released into the supernatant and adsorbed to the cell wall.