Lim J, Helariutta Y, Specht CD, Jung J, Sims L, Bruce WB, Diehn S, Benfey PN
Molecular analysis of the SCARECROW gene in maize reveals a common basis for radial patterning in diverse meristems
Plant Cell: 2000 12:1307-1318
Maize and Arabidopsis root apical meristems differ in several aspects of their radial organization and ontogeny. Despite the large evolutionary distance and differences in root radial patterning, analysis of the putative maize ortholog of the Arabidopsis patterning gene SCARECROW (SCR) revealed expression localized to the endodermis, which is similar to its expression in Arabidopsis. Expression in maize extends through the quiescent center, a population of mitotically inactive cells formerly thought to be undifferentiated and to lack radial pattern information. Zea mays SCARECROW (ZmSCR), the putative maize SCR ortholog, was used as a molecular marker to investigate radial patterning during regeneration of the root tip after either whole or partial excision. Analysis of the dynamic expression pattern of ZmSCR as well as other markers indicates the involvement of positional information as a primary determinant in regeneration of the root radial pattern.