Nield J, Funk C, Barber J
Supermolecular structure of photosystem II and location of the PsbS protein
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences: 2000 355:1337-1343
This paper addresses the question of whether the PsbS protein of photosystem two (PS II) is located within the LHC II-PS II supercomplex for which a three-dimensional structure has been obtained by cryoelectron microscopy and single particle analysis. The PsbS protein has recently been implicated as the site for non-photochemical quenching. Based both on immunoblotting analyses and structural considerations of an improved model of the spinach LHC II-PS II supercomplex, we conclude that the PsbS protein is not located within the supercomplex. Analyses of other fractions resulting from the solubilization of PS II-enriched membranes derived from spinach suggest that the PsbS protein is located in the LHC II-rich regions that interconnect the supercomplex within the membrane.
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