Ruotsalainen S, Lindgren D
Stratified sublining: a new option for structuring breeding populations
Canadian Journal of Forest Research-Revue Canadienne De Recherche Forestiere: 2000 30:596-604
When structuring a breeding population into sublines, the conventional approach is to assign parents to sublines randomly, so that each subline has approximately the same genetic value. By using deterministic infinitesimal model we study an alternative, stratified sublining system, where sublines are initially formed by positive assortative grouping of parents according to their breeding values. Stratified and random allocation to sublines are compared by evaluating the genetic quality of the seed orchards that each approach can provide. The seed orchards were established by selecting first the best individual from each subline and then a given best proportion from them. The greater among-subline variance in stratified sublining led to higher genetic gain in resulting seed orchards than did random sublining. For the case studied, stratified sublining gave considerably more genetic gain than random sublining, over 15% more, making it an interesting alternative that deserves further consideration and study.
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