Mattsson U, Sellstedt A
Hydrogenase in Frankia KB5: expression of and relation to nitrogenase
Can J Microbiol: 2000 46:1091-1095
The localization and expression of the hydrogenase in free-living Frankia KB5 was investigated immunologically and by monitoring activity, focusing on its relationships with nitrogenase and H2. Immunological studies revealed that the large subunit of the hydrogenase in Frankia KB5 was modified post-translationally, and transferred into the membrane after processing. The large subunit was constitutively expressed and no correlation was found between hydrogenase activity and synthesis. Although H2 was not needed for induction of hydrogenase synthesis, exogenously added H2 triggered hydrogen uptake in medium containing nitrogen, i.e., in the hyphae. A correlation between nitrogenase activity and hydrogen uptake was found in cultures grown in media without nitrogen, but interestingly the two enzymes showed no co-regulation.