Fries A
Heartwood and sapwood variation in mature provenance trials of Pinus sylvestris
Silvae Genetica: 1999 48:7-14
In two Swedish provenance test series of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) from 1911 and 1955, only limited provenance differences were found in number of heartwood and sapwood annual rings and in the width of heartwood and sapwood. Valiance components were smaller than for tree size traits. Correlations between heartwood and sapwood annual rings were negative and significant, while weak correlations were indicated between heartwood and sapwood width. Correlations with tree size traits were weaker in the young test series than in the older series. The results indicate that stand characteristics (such as stand density) have stronger influence than provenance and latitudinal transfer on heartwood and sapwood traits. This was pronounced for sapwood width and for mature field tests as compared to younger tests. No differences due to provenance origin or latitudinal transfer were detected, possibly since the within provenance variation was large due to other effects (e.g. family effects).
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