Shi LX, Kim SJ, Marchant A, Robinson C, Schroder WP
Characterisation of the PsbX protein from Photosystem II and light regulation of its gene expression in higher plants
Plant Molecular Biology: 1999 40:737-744
The location and expression of the previously uncharacterised photosystem II subunit PsbX have been analysed in higher plants. We show that this protein is a component of photosystem II (PSII) core particles but absent from light-harvesting complexes or PSII reaction centres. PsbX is, however, localised to the near vicinity of the reaction centre because it can be cross-linked to cytochrome b559, which is known to be associated with the D1/D2 dimer. We also show that the expression of this protein is tightly regulated by light, since neither protein nor mRNA is found in dark-grown plants.
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