Kotilainen M, Helariutta Y, Mehto M, Pollanen E, Albert VA, Elomaa P, Teeri TH
GEG participates in the regulation of cell and organ shape during corolla and carpel development in Gerbera hybrida
Plant Cell: 1999 11:1093-1104
The molecular mechanisms that control organ shape during flower development are largely unknown. By using differential hybridization techniques, a cDNA designated GEG (for Gerbera hybrida homolog of the gibberellin [GA]-stimulated transcript 1 [GAST1] from tomato) was isolated from a library representing late stages of corolla development in Gerbera. GEG expression was detected in corollas and carpels, with expression spatiotemporally coinciding with flower opening. In corollas and styles, GEG expression is temporally correlated with the cessation of longitudinal cell expansion, In plants constitutively expressing GEG, reduced corolla lengths and carpels with shortened and radially expanded stylar parts were found, with concomitant reduction of longitudinal cell expansion in these organs. In addition, in styles, an increase in radial cell expansion was detected. Taken together, these observations indicate a regulatory role for the GEG gene product in determining the shape of the corolla and carpel. The deduced amino acid sequence of the GEG gene product shares high similarity with previously characterized putative cell wall proteins encoded by GA-inducible genes, namely, GAST1, GIP (for GA-induced gene of petunia), and the GASA (for GA-stimulated in Arabidopsis) gene family. Our studies suggest that GEG, the expression of which can also be induced by application of GA(3), plays a role in phytohormone-mediated cell expansion.
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