Wingsle G, Karpinski S, Hallgren JE
Low temperature, high light stress and antioxidant defence mechanisms in higher plants
Phyton-Annales Rei Botanicae: 1999 39:253-268
In different plant species, different strategies have evolved to acclimate to low-temperature and high-light stress. The emphasis of this review will be to discuss the following topics of low-temperature and high-light stress 1) the evidence for involvement of reactive oxygen intermediates (ROI) 2) the roles of enzymatic and non-enzymatic ROI-scavenging and antioxidant systems 3) the avoidance mechanisms of ROI production in chloroplast. To increase the understanding of the oxidative-stress responses induced, for example, by low temperatures in plants, we have to pinpoint the subcellular compartments and processes, which initiate the specific signalling cascades.
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