Delarue M, Santoni V, Caboche M, Bellini C
Cristal mutations in Arabidopsis confer a genetically heritable, recessive, hyperhydric phenotype
Planta: 1997 202:51-61
A new class of recessive Arabidopsis mutants, designated cristal (cri) has been isolated which display several abnormalities reminiscent of hyperhydric symptoms. These characteristics include translucent and wrinkled cotyledons and leaves, abnormal chloroplast organization, a reduced amount of chlorophyll, a reduced dry weight and a decreased number of palisade cells in the leaves accompanied by an increase of intercellular space, and therefore give a vitreous appearance to the aerial part. The phenotype is also dependent on the culture medium water potential. The cri1 gene was mapped on chromosome 4 close to the DHS1 marker.