Simola H, Merilainen JJ, Sandman O, Marttila V, Karjalainen H, Kukkonen M, JulkunenTiitto R, Hakulinen J
Palaeolimnological analyses as information source for large lake biomonitoring
Hydrobiologia: 1996 322:283-292
A routinely applicable palaeolimnological sampling and analysis programme for large lake monitoring was developed as part of the Lake Saimaa Biomonitoring Project (1990-1993). The scope of palaeolimnological analyses is to gain background information of the recent past (ca. 0-200 yr) of the lake ecosystem that is being monitored. We analyzed short sediment cores from three contrasting basins of the complex lake Saimaa in eastern Finland (nutrient-poor clearwater Lake Puruvesi, oligotrophic mesohumic Lake Paasivesi, and eutrophied and polluted mesohumic Lake Haukivesi). Each basin shows a unique developmental history under the various forms of human influence on the ecosystem. The following research approaches are evaluated in the study: echosounding, dating (Pb-210, varves, soot stratigraphy), element stratigraphies, biological remains (diatoms, cladocera, chironomids, sedimentary pigments).
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