Ahlqvist B, Karlman M, Witzell J
Gremmeniella-infected Pinus contorta as raw material in the production of kraft pulp
European Journal of Forest Pathology: 1996 26:113-121
Pinus contorta logs with occluded cankers caused by the pathogen Gremmeniella abietina, as well as logs from unaffected trees were sampled from a 23-year-old plantation in Sweden and compared in terms of their paper properties. Damaged wood gave kraft pulp with poor paper properties: it required a larger amount of beating energy and resulted in paper with low rear strength, air permeability, tensile stiffness, burst strength, and poor light-scattering properties. However, small amounts of damaged wood mixed in with a large amount of healthy wood can pass almost unnoticed. The use of trees with a larger content of damaged wood will lead to serious processing problems and give a pulp with poor paper properties. Thus, wood damaged by Gremmeniella should be sorted out and classed as low-grade raw material.
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