Olsen O-A, Brown R, Kalla R, Kleczkowski LA, Lemmon B, Linnestad C, Nielsen PS, Potter R, Shimamoto K, Thorbjørnsen T, Villand P 
Developmental regulation of gene expression during barley endosperm formation.
Journal of Plant Physiology: 1995 145:587-591

This paper reviews recent data from our laboratories on the early phases of endosperm development in barley. First, we provide a description of endosperm morphogenesis based on immunohistochemical studies using the confocal laser scanning microscope. In the second part, the barley Ltp2 gene, which is exclusively expressed in the aleurone layer of developing grains, is characterized. In the last part, we describe the barley gene encoding the small subunits of the AGPase in the starchy endosperm and leaf tissue.