Zhong Y, Mellerowicz EJ, Lloyd AD, Leinhos V, Riding RT, Little CHA
Seasonal-Variation in the Nuclear Genome Size of Ray Cells in the Vascular Cambium of Fraxinus-Americana
Physiologia Plantarum: 1995 93:305-311
The nuclear DNA content in ray cells from the 1-year-old vascular cambium of white ash (Fraxinus americana L.) trees was determined at intervals during the annual cycle of cambial activity and dormancy by using Feulgen microspectrophotometry. By 10 September, these cells had entered dormancy in Gi with a normal DNA distribution and a minimal average DNA content of 2.65 pg. The average amount of DNA increased to 3.51 pg by 30 November, remained at this elevated value until at least 30 March, when the cambium was still dormant, then declined to the minimum level on 1 May and 10 June, when the cells were mitotically active. The springtime decline appeared to occur both before and during cell division. Between 1 May and 10 June, the prophase (4C) and telophase (2C) DNA contents decreased significantly. The amount of nuclear DNA measured by microspectrophotometry was verified by using flow cytometry and image analysis. The results support the view that there is an annual oscillation in the nuclear genome size of shoot meristematic cells in tree species native to the northern temperate zone.
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