Irrgang KD, Shi LX, Funk C, Schroder WP
A Nuclear-Encoded Subunit of the Photosystem-Ii Reaction-Center
Journal of Biological Chemistry: 1995 270:17588-17593
A nuclear encoded polypeptide of 6.1 kDa was identified in isolated photosystem II (PSII) reaction center from Spinacia oleracea. The hydrophobic membrane protein easily escapes staining procedures such as Coomassie R-250 or silver staining, but it is clearly detected by immunodecoration with peptide-directed IgG. This additional subunit was found to be present in PSII reaction centers previously known to contain only the D1/D2/cytb(559) proteins and the psbI gene product. Furthermore, cross-linking experiments using 1-(3-dimethylaminopropyl-)3-ethylcarbodiimide showed that the nearest neighbors were the D1 and D2 proteins and the cytb(559). The 6.1-kDa protein was purified by immune affinity chromatography. N-terminal sequence analysis of the isolated protein confirmed the identity of the 6.1-kDa protein and enabled finding of strong similarities with a randomly obtained cDNA from Arabidopsis thaliana. Using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in combination with thylakoid membrane preparations of different orientation, the N terminus off the protein, predicted to span the membrane once, is suggested to be exposed at the lumen side of the membrane. Consequently the 6.1-kDa protein seems to be the only subunit in the PSII reaction center that is nuclear encoded and has its N terminus on the lumen side of the membrane. These findings open for new interesting suggestions concerning the properties of photosystem II reaction center with respect to the photosynthetic activity, regulation and assembly in higher plants.
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