Mollier P, Montoro P, Delarue M, Bechtold N, Bellini C, Pelletier G
Promoterless Gusa Expression in a Large Number of Arabidopsis-Thaliana Transformants Obtained by the in Planta Infiltration Method
Comptes Rendus De L Academie Des Sciences Serie Iii-Sciences De La Vie-Life Sciences: 1995 318:465-474
A large number of Arabidopsis thaliana transformant T2 families were obtained using in planta infiltration method. A T-DNA containing 2 resistance genes for the selection of the transformants and the promoterless gus gene for promoter-trapping was transferred from the Agrobacterium cells to the plant genome. The GUS activity of each transformant was tested histochemically an 15-day-old seedlings grown in vitro either under light or dark conditions. For each transformant, the GUS activity spatial pattern in plant organs and tissues and the light influence on the GUS activity were studied. Vast variation of GUS activity spatial patterns was observed. A majority of transformants displayed a strictly light-dependent GUS activity Lastly, it was seen that certain transformants could give variable GUS patterns at different stages of development. These spatial, temporal and light-dependent GUS activity features allowed us to characterize the activity of the putative corresponding promoter.
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