Moritz T, Olsen JE
Comparison between High-Resolution Selected-Ion Monitoring, Selected Reaction Monitoring, and 4-Sector Tandem Mass-Spectrometry in Quantitative-Analysis of Gibberellins in Milligram Amounts of Plant-Tissue
Analytical Chemistry: 1995 67:1711-1716
Gibberellins (GAs) were quantified in semipurified plant extracts by combined gas chromatography/mass spectrometry(GC/MS). High-resolution selected ion monitoring (HR-SIM), selected reaction monitoring (SRM), and four sector tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) were compared. The best selectivity was found with four-sector MS/MS analysis, but the sensitivity was too low for analysis in milligram amounts of plant tissue. HR-SIM and SRM had similarly low limits of detection, except for the analyses of GA(29), but SRM provided better selectivity. The variations of sensitivity and selectivity for the different MS methods are discussed.
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