Sellstedt A, Rosbrook PA, Kang L, Reddell P
Effect of Carbon Source on Growth, Nitrogenase and Uptake Hydrogenase Activities of Frankia Isolates from Casuarina Sp
Plant and Soil: 1994 158:63-68
The effect of different carbon sources on the growth of Frankia isolates for Casuarina sp. was studied. In addition, regulation of nitrogenase and uptake hydrogenase activity by carbon sources was investigated. For each of the three isolates, JCT287, KB5 and HFPCcI3, growth was greatest on the carbon sources pyruvate and propionate. In general the carbon sources which gave the greatest growth gave the highest levels of nitrogenase activity, but repressed the activity of uptake hydrogenase. The regulation of growth, uptake hydrogenase activity and nitrogenase activity is discussed.
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