Olsen JE, Moritz T, Jensen E, Junttila O
Comparison of Endogenous Gibberellins in Roots and Shoots of Elongating Salix-Pentandra Seedlings
Physiologia Plantarum: 1994 90:378-381
Gibberellins GA1, GA8, GA19, GA29, GA20 and GA56 (2-epi-GA8), were identified by combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in root extracts of elongating Salix pentandra L. seedlings. The presence of GA8 was also demonstrated for the first time in S. pentandra shoots. The levels of GA1, GA8, GA19, GA20 in shoot tissue and in roots were estimated by selected ion monitoring. While the amounts of GA8 and GA19 were similar in both plant parts, the levels of the biologically active GA1 and its immediate precursor GA20, were found to be much lower in roots than in shoots.
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