Helariutta Y, Elomaa P, Kotilainen M, Seppanen P, Teeri TH
Cloning of Cdna Coding for Dihydroflavonol-4-Reductase (Dfr) and Characterization of Dfr Expression in the Corollas of Gerbera-Hybrida Var Regina (Compositae)
Plant Molecular Biology: 1993 22:183-193
We are approaching corolla differentiation in Compositae by studying the regulation of flavonoid pathway genes during inflorescence development in gerbera. We have cloned a dfr cDNA from a ray floret corolla cDNA library of Gerbera hybrida var. Regina by a PCR technique based on homologies found in genes isolated from other plant species. The functionality of the clone was tested in vivo by complementing the dihydrokaempferol accumulating petunia mutant line RL01. By Southern blot analysis, G. hybrida var. Regina was shown to harbour a small family of dfr genes, one member of which was deduced to be mainly responsible for the DFR activity in corolla. Dfr expression in corolla correlates with the anthocyanin accumulation pattern: it is basipetally induced, epidermally specific and restricted to the ligular part of corolla. By comparing the dfr expression in different floret types during inflorescence development, we could see that dfr expression reflects developmental schemes of the outermost ray and trans florets, contrasted with that of the disc florets.
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