Valerio M, Haraux F, Gardestrom P, Diolez P
Tissue-Specificity of the Regulation of Atp Hydrolysis by Isolated Plant-Mitochondria
Febs Letters: 1993 318:113-117
Pea leaf mitochondria had a high ATP hydrolase activity following the collapse of the membrane potential by addition of valinomycin in state 4. In mitochondria isolated from potato tubers such ATP hydrolase activity was not observed. Pea leaf mitochondria also had a DELTApH, in contrast to what was previously found for potato tuber mitochondria. This DELTApH could, however, not explain the different results on ATP hydrolysis since this activity was also observed in the presence of nigericin. The results suggest a tissue-specific regulation of ATP hydrolysis in resting organs (potato tubers) as compared to active organs (leaves).
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