Karpinska B, Karpinski S
The Chloroplast Genome of Pinus-Sylvestris - Physical Map and Localization of Chloroplast Genes
Canadian Journal of Forest Research-Revue Canadienne De Recherche Forestiere: 1993 23:234-238
A physical map of Pinus sylvestris L. chloroplast DNA for three restriction endonucleases (PstI, SacI, and KpnI) has been prepared by hybridization of isolated or cloned restriction fragments. Pinus sylvestris chloroplast DNA is about 120 kilobases. Ten chloroplast genes have been localized by hybridization with heterologous chloroplast DNA probes. The genome contains single copies of the 23S and 16S rRNA genes and lacks any large repeated sequences. The restriction site arrangement and gene order have been compared with other known chloroplast DNA genetic maps of pine species.
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