Campos N, Bakó L, Brzobohaty B, Feldwisch J, Zettl R, Boland W, Palme K
Identification and Characterization of a Novel Phytohormone Conjugate Specific Beta-Glucosidase Activity from Maize
Acs Symposium Series: 1993 533:205-213
Virtually all aspects of plant growth and development are influenced by structurally relatively simple substances termed phytohormones. It has been argued that the wide range of responses elicited by these substances requires a mode of action that is radically different from those of animal hormones. Current evidence indicates that enzymes that can synthesize and modify phytohormones and their antagonists, or hydrolyze phytohormone conjugates to release active hormones, play a role in initiating important regulatory pathways. They are also likely to provide invaluable tools with which to study the mechanisms underlying growth and differentiation in plants. Here we describe recent biochemical progress in the characterization of the molecular targets of phytohormones.
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