Yazdani R, Lindgren D
Gene Dispersion after Natural Regeneration under a Widely-Spaced Seed-Tree Stand of Pinus-Sylvestris (L)
Silvae Genetica: 1992 41:1-5
For determination of gene dispersion the patterns of certain, rare isozyme markers have been studied within a seed-tree stand of Pinus sylvestris in northern Sweden. The stand investigated consists of 18 seed trees per hectare situated in Arvidsjaur, Sweden (lat. 65-degrees 29). Marker genes for certain rare isozymes occur in several seed trees. Those markers are overrepresented among seedlings in the vicinity of those trees. Different seed trees contribute with their genes to the next generation in different proportions. In the seed-tree stand, many seedlings do not originate from seed trees in the neighbourhood. It seems likely that much of the natural regeneration originates from felled trees or sources outside the seed-tree stand. The study suggests that approximately one quarter of the seedlings within 5 m from a seed tree has that seed tree as seed parent.
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