Karpinski S, Wingsle G, Olsson O, Hallgren JE
Characterization of Cdnas Encoding Cuzn-Superoxide Dismutases in Scots Pine
Plant Molecular Biology: 1992 18:545-555
A Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) cDNA library was screened with two heterologous cDNA probes (P31 and T10) encoding cytosolic and chloroplastic superoxide dismutases (SOD) from tomato. Several positive clones for cytosolic and chloroplastic superoxide dismutases were isolated, subcloned, mapped and sequenced. One of the cDNA clones (PS3) had a full-length open reading frame of 465 bp corresponding to 154 amino acid residues and showed approximately 85% homology with the amino acid sequences of angiosperm cytosolic SOD counterparts. Another cDNA clone (PST13) was incomplete, but encoded a putative protein with 93 % homology to pea and tomato chloroplastic superoxide dismutase. The derived amino acid sequence from both cDNA clones matched the corresponding N-terminal amino acid sequence of the purified mature SOD isozymes. Northern blot hybridizations showed that, cytosolic and chloroplastic CuZn-SOD are expressed at different levels in Scots pine organs. Sequence data and Southern blot hybridization confirm that CuZn-SODs in Scots pine belong to a multigene family. The results are discussed in relation to earlier observations of CuZn-SODs in plants.
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