Karpinski S, Wingsle G, Karpinska B, Hallgren JE
Differential Expression of Cuzn-Superoxide Dismutases in Pinus-Sylvestris Needles Exposed to So2 and No2
Physiologia Plantarum: 1992 85:689-696
Mature Pinus sylvestris trees were exposed to air-pollution stress in an open field fumigation experiment. The trees were exposed to low-levels of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides throughout the whole growing season (June to October 1991). Three age-classes (current, one- and two-year-old) of needles were collected from exposed and control trees and the expression of chloroplastic and cytosolic CuZn-superoxide dismutase (SOD, EC genes was studied. The levels of chloroplastic and cytosolic CuZn-SOD mRNA were significantly (up to 2.3-fold) higher in exposed trees for all age-classes of needles as compared to control trees. No significant differences were observed between different needle age-classes in CuZn-SOD mRNA induction. The chloroplastic and cytosolic CuZn-SOD mRNA were induced to the same extent, however, the level of chloroplastic CuZn-SOD mRNA was higher than the cytosolic one. Small differences were observed in CuZn-SOD mRNA levels for individual trees both within exposed and control areas. Protein activity measurements of the CuZn-SOD isozymes did not reveal any significant differences between control and exposed trees. The results are discussed in relation to protection against oxidant stress from air pollutants.
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