Falk S, Leverenz JW, Samuelsson G, Oquist G
Changes in Photosystem-Ii Fluorescence in Chlamydomonas-Reinhardtii Exposed to Increasing Levels of Irradiance in Relationship to the Photosynthetic Response to Light
Photosynthesis Research: 1992 31:31-40
The effects of a 60 min exposure to photosynthetic photon flux densities ranging from 300 to 2200-mu-mol m-2 s-1 on the photosynthetic light response curve and on PS II heterogeneity as reflected in chlorophyll a fluorescence were investigated using the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. It was established that exposure to high light acts at three different regulatory or inhibitory levels, 1) regulation occurs from 300 to 780-mu-mol m-2 s-1 where total amount of PS II centers and the shape of the light response curve is not significantly changed, 2) a first photoinhibitory range above 780 up to 1600-mu-mol m-2 s-1 where a progressive inhibition of the quantum yield and the rate of bending (convexity) of the light response curve can be related to the loss of Q(B)-reducing centers and 3) a second photoinhibitory range above 1600-mu-mol m-2 s-1 where the rate of light saturated photosynthesis also decreases and convexity reaches zero. This was related to a particularly large decrease in PS II(alpha) centers and a large increase in spill-over in energy to PS I.
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