Yazdani R, Lindgren D
Variation of Pollen Contamination in a Scots Pine Seed Orchard
Silvae Genetica: 1991 40:243-246
A grafted Scots pine seed orchard at latitude 62 ON at the Baltic coast was studied for the occurrence of pollination from nonorchard origin (contamination). Altogether 2318 seeds were analyzed by means of isozyme embryo endosperm assay. The average contamination was similar in two consecutive years, but there was a significant year x block interaction, demonstrating the presence of differences between blocks depending on the year of harvest. The contamination was highest in a windward corner of the orchard and lowest in the center, but the reduction in the center was not large. Clone effects, clone . block and clone . year interactions were not significant. The impact of nondetected contaminating pollen on the estimate of contamination was calculated.
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