Jansson S, Gustafsson P
Evolutionary Conservation of the Chlorophyll a/B-Binding Proteins - Cdnas Encoding Type-I, Type-Ii, and Type-Iii Lhc-I Polypeptides from the Gymnosperm Scots Pine
Molecular & General Genetics: 1991 229:67-76
cDNAs encoding three different LHC I polypeptides (Type I, Type II and Type III) from the gymnosperm Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) were isolated and sequenced. Comparisons of the deduced amino acid sequences with the corresponding tomato sequences showed that all three proteins were highly conserved although less so than the LHC II proteins. The similarities between mature Scots pine and tomato Types I, II and III LHC I proteins were 80%, 87% and 85%, respectively. Two of the five His residues that are found in AXXXH sequences, which have been identified as putative chlorophyll ligands in the Type I and Type II proteins, were not conserved. The same two regions of high homology between the different LHC proteins, which have been identified in tomato, were also found in the Scots pine proteins. Within the conserved regions, the Type I and Type II proteins had the highest similarity, however, the Type II and Type III proteins also showed a similarity in the central region. The results suggest that all flowering plants (gymnosperms and angiosperms) probably have the same set of LHC polypeptides. A new nomenclature for the genes encoding LHC polypeptides (formerly cab genes) is proposed. The names lha and lhb are suggested for genes encoding LHC I and LHC II proteins, respectively, analogous to the nomenclature for the genes encoding other photosynthetic proteins.
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