Lindgren D
Effect of Inbreeding on Production of Filled Seed in Pinus-Radiata Experimental Results and a Model of Gene Action
Theoretical and Applied Genetics: 1985 71:334-343
Pinus radiata D. Don was inbred to different degrees, commencing with a founder population of 8 clones. Yield of filled seed was determined for each mating type. Mean yields (%), relative to outcrossing, were: half-sib 102, full-sib 97, S1 43, S2 42. An epistatic model was developed to predict the empty seed yield following selfing, assuming that homozygosity for several recessive co-lethals is necessary to kill an embryo. Calculations were then extended to predict the yields following different degrees of inbreeding. The proposed model gave a better fit to present results, and to other published results of similar investigations, than did an alternative based on action of independent recessive lethals. Implications for breeding and seed production strategy are discussed.